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DRAM Industry Analysis Report-3Q14


DRAM , Notebook Computers , Tablets


As a result of strong smartphone growth, mobile DRAM has the highest production ratio in the global DRAM industry, edging out commodity DRAM. With less supply, commodity DRAM has become the most profitable product category and contract prices were on the rise in the second quarter. Global DRAM industry value reached US$10.8 billion in the second quarter, a 9% QoQ increase. Looking at profits, of the three major DRAM makers, Samsung had the best performance with an operating margin of 39%, while SK Hynix was close behind with 38%. Inotera, part of the Micron group, had the highest operating margin of all DRAM manufacturers, at 55%. With the oligopoly and tight supply, a decline in DRAM prices would have been difficult. TrendForce forecasts DRAM industry value will reach US$46.8 billion in 2014, a 36% YoY increase...