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TrendForce: Penetration rate of large wide-viewing angle LED monitors highest in third quarter



LED wide-viewing angle monitors reached a penetration rate of 30% in the third quarter, according to WitsView, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce Among the different sizes of wide-viewing angle monitors, the penetration rate of those under 20” W was 7%, for those above 215” W 45% and for those larger than 27” W 72%  “Since buyers of the small wide-viewing angle monitors tend to be price sensitive, to increase sales it will be necessary to bring prices of the smaller monitors down to the same level as the TN (Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal) panel,” said WitsView research manager Anita Wang At the same time, since LCD monitor panel production capacity is relatively limited this year and buyers of the large wide-viewing angle monitors are less concerned about price, vendors will aim for higher profit margins by selling more of the larger monitors, she added  In the third quarter, the penetration rate of the three market leaders Dell, LG Electronics (LGE) and BenQ, first, second and third, respectively, remains unchanged Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, for the overall penetration rate of wide-viewing angle monitors to continue to rise, vendors who currently have low penetration rates must boost shipments 

Press Releases
TrendForce: UHD TVs fast penetrating China market


Display / Consumer Electronics

Approximately 14 million 4K2K – ultra-high definition (UHD) – television sets will be shipped globally in 2014, penetrating 6-7% of the overall TV market, according to WitsView, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce Chinese vendors, including Skyworth, Changhong and Hisense, have the highest penetration rates The six largest Chinese brands, which also include Konka, TCL and Haier, will achieve a 13-15% penetration rate in the UHD TV market this year  “China’s six major 4K2K TV brands price their products very competitively,” said Anita Wang, a research manager at WitsView “Other vendors can’t offer such an attractive price proposition” In August, the retail price difference in China between 65” 4K2K 3D and FHD 3D televisions was 32%, but in other markets as high as 63%, she said As a result, Chinese consumers are more willing to purchase 4K2K televisions, Wang added  LCD monitors are also starting to become available in UHD and feature attractive price tags For example, the 28”W 4K2K monitor retailed at an average of just US$630 in August In the coming months, panel makers will continue to introduce new 4K2K monitors in different sizes Notably, Samsung will launch a 236"W model which will be priced lower than the existing 238” W That will help to further drive down retail prices and stimulate 4K2K monitor demand Meanwhile, Apple will release the 27” W 5K3K high-resolution iMac by the end of the fourth quarter of 2014 That product is expected to spur a new wave of demand for ultra high-resolution monitors   

Press Releases
TrendForce: Panel Shortage Arises the Pricing in Q3, LCD Monitor Brands Search for Way Out



Supply for LCD monitor panels is being pushed down by production of TV, notebook and small- to medium-size applications, which will lead to a 92% sequential decline in supply as well as increased pricing during the third quarter of 2014, according to WitsView, a research subsidiary of TrendForce  WitsView Research Manager, Anita Wang, said panels comprise approximately 40 to 60 percent of LCD monitor retail pricing and that the pricing will not necessarily increase despite the increased pricing in panel costs Such trends can be found for 195-inch units, which have increased 7% in pricing from January to July 2014 and yet have decreased 1% in retail pricing over the same period Profits from the LCD monitor sector, therefore, have been limited  Shortages in most of the panels, such as sizes 195W, 215W and 236 inches, have occurred since June and have affected OEM orders as well This coupled with increased pricing from brand vendors for specialized sizes means that LCD monitor shipments in the third quarter will be limited, said WitsView  Brand vendors are turning to other counterstrategies such as replaceable sizes of panels, developing as well as establishing new sources for panel supply and searching for other new panels with more competitive prices, to replace the panels in shortage Wang added that the brand vendors are also developing more niche products such as curved units that are expected to hit the market in order to maintain profits  Table: LCD monitor panel costs and retail pricing from January-July 2014 

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Shipment Ratio of 20”w and above LCD Monitors to Reach 70%, Says TrendForce



Inventory for monitor panels 195W and 236W inches are currently low and supply is tight, according to latest research by WitsView, a subsidiary of TrendForce As a result, monitor brands are turning to 20W- and 24W-inch panels to replace the two sizes for use in new display units, and rising demands have pushed up prices This trend is expected to last throughout the end of the third quarter this year, and brands are looking to stock up prior to the peak season, said WitsView  “Current panel supply shortages include both small sized 19”w, 195”w and larger sized panels, such as 20”w, 23”w, 236”w, 24”w (16:9) and even 27” W TN because of the switch in panel specs and shortages caused by these replacement demands,” said Anita Wang, Research Manager, WitsView  Additionally, LCD monitor brands shipment proportion of large sized products of 20 inches and above was about 60% in 2013, but has grown to 65% in second quarter of 2014, according to statistics compiled by WitsView This was mainly due to increased demands for 215W- and 236W-inch monitors, and the entry of 238-inch monitors With more panel makers involved in 238-inch panel production, shipments have gradually grown and generated new demands for large-sized products  Panel makers are shifting development resources into new products with higher net profits because of current monitor panel production capacity shortages, added WitsView In respect to the 16:9 aspect ratio product category for instance, panel makers are developing 207W, 245W, 28W and 32W products, while for 21:9 aspect ratio products 25W and 34W panels Moreover, large sized product demand growth has been most evident in mature economies WitsView concluded that it estimates the global proportion of monitor panels sized 20-inch and above will reach between 68-70% at the end of 2014  Graph: Top 10 LCD monitor brands 20”w and above shipment ratio    

Press Releases
High-Resolution Fashion Spreads into Monitor Market with 28”W as Best Promoter, says TrendForce



Since 2013, high-resolution products have been the focus in the LCD display industry with TV brands being the first to start the trend The penetration rate in 2013 reached near 1%, and that in 2014 is likely to go up to 5%-6%  “The LCD monitor brands began to launch high-resolution 4K2K (3840X2160) products last year, which however showed unideal shipment amid the elevated prices,” says Anita Wang, Research Manager of WitsView, the display research division of TrendForce “As Innolux has revealed the entry-level 28”W 4K2K panels in Q1 this year, the end selling prices are no longer beyond the reach and officially activate the demand for high-resolution LCD monitors”   Dell, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Philips, and AOC are among brands releasing 28” 4K2K LCD monitor products, with acer, HP, and ViewSonic following the trend The average retail prices range from USD 699 to USD 799, and AOC’s low-priced model, selling for USD 650, excluding tax, in China makes the positioning of the 27”W QHD (2560x1440) segment averagely tagged as much as USD 733 extremely awkward     “The 28”W 4K2K is in the phase of new model distribution and sees a shipment of more than 20,000 units per month, growing more than ten times from the predecessor model,” Anita Wang adds “The affordable end prices will effectively propel the demand for high-resolution products in the long run, and WitsView projects a shipment volume of 04-05M units for 28” 4K2K LCD monitors in 2014”   

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