2017 Horticulture / Livestock / Fishing / Human Centric Lighting Market Analysis- 2Q17

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Horticulture Lighting  2017-2020 Global LED Horticulture Lighting Market Scale——Systems and Lamps  2017-2020 Global LED Horticulture Lighting Market Scale——Lamps and LED Light Sources  Global LED Horticulture Lighting Market By Region  Horticulture Lighting Market Opportunities in the US and Mexico  Horticulture Lighting Market Opportunities in China  Horticulture Lighting Channel Expansion  Horticulture Lighting Main Applications  Horticulture Lighting Applications and Business Model  Horticulture Lighting Main Application- Plant Factory  Plant Factory- Key Success Factors  Plant Factory Performance and Cost Distribution- Case Study  Horticulture Lighting Main Application Field- Greenhouse  Effects of Different Wavebands on Plant Growth  Effects of Plants under Different Light Sources  Performance Comparison of Various Artificial Light Sources  High-Voltage Sodium Lamp  Metal Halide Lamp  Fluorescent Lamp  LED Lamp  Horticulture Lighting Case Study- Marijuana  Horticulture Lighting Case Study- Strawberry  Horticulture Lighting Case Study- Lettuce  Horticulture Lighting LED Market Requirements  Lumileds——Horticulture Lighting Calculator  Horticulture Lighting LED Product Plan——Lumileds  Power Supply Management for Horticulture Lighting  Mirai——New Strategy After M&A: Profit from A High-Quality Control Process Livestock Lighting  Global Meat Demand Between 2005 and 2050  Poultry Lighting——Artificial Light Sources' Key Influential Factors To Poultry  Poultry Lighting——LED Wave Length and Intensity Help Develop Poultry Lighting Industry  Poultry Lighting——Consider Spectrum Influence to Animals  Poultry Lighting——Different Light Colors' Influence to Poultry  Osram and Philips——Infrared Light for Animal  Once Innovations——Broiler Lighting Fishing Lighting  Benefits of Using LED Fishing Lights  Development of LED Fishing Lights Human Centric Lighting  Critical Factors for Successful Human Centric Lighting –Abstract  Definition and Operating Principle of Human Centric Lighting  How Lighting Affects Human Psychology and Physiology  Lighting Requirements in Various Application Scenarios  Human Centric Lighting Case Study - Office LED Lighting  Human Centric Lighting Case Study - Classroom LED Lighting  Visible LED Increasing Attention in Light Therapy Market

Roger Chu
Research Director
Research Field: LED Industry
Vita Wang
Assistant Industry Analyst
Research Field: LED lighting;LED policies and standards; Industry dynamics and development
Terri Wang
Research Field: LED Lighting Market, LED Display Market
Allen Yu
Research Field: LED chip, LED packaging, LED driver, LED phosphors
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: Sapphire, LED Chip, LED Package, LED Lighting, UV LED, Infrared LED, and Flip Chip Markets and Technology Trend