TrendForce's market intelligence includes LED price and market trend reports, information on supply and demand changes, LED application market forecasts. Our yearly report on China's LED market provides clients with insight to the LED retail market in China and the rest of the world, as well as the LED backlight industry.

Research Report
  • 1Q17 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Member Report
    Membership: Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Member Report
    What is Micro LED?  Definition of Micro LED Display  Micro LED Display Manufacturing Process  LED Display Applications- Backlight and Pixel Light  LED Larger than Pixel-Backlight  Pixel Larger than LED-Micro LED  Combination of High Density Circuit and High Density Light Source  Future of Display Technology To Enter the Era of Self-Emitting  LCD v.s. OLED v.s. Micro LED Analysis  Micro LED to Open Up New Frontier of Display Technology Micro LED Key Technology Development Map and Analysis  Micro LED Key Technology Development Map  Epi Wafer and Chip Technology  Transfer Technology  Transfer Technology- Pick Up  Transfer Technology- Selectivity  Transfer Technology- Placement  Color Conversion Micro LED Value Chain and Transfer Manufacturer Analysis  Micro LED Value Chain- Micro LED / QD Phosphor / Transfer / Panel / Driver IC  Major Micro LED Supply Chain and the Focus of Patent Layout  Definition on Patent Classification  LuxVue- Electrostatic Adsorption Transfer Yet to Be a Perfect Solution  LuxVue- Patent Strengthens the Stability of Arrays of Micro Devices  X-Celeprint- Focuses on Transfer Technology, Followed By Display Technology  X-Celeprint- Problems in μTP Transfer Shall Be Settled One by One  X-Celeprint- Active v.s. Passive Matrix Technology Products Planning  Sony- Constantly Develops Micro LED Technology  Sony- Selects Specified Devices for Transfer through Laser Ablation Technology  ITRI- Actively Develops Transfer, Adopting Active Matrix Technology  ITRI- Pick up 1μm-100μm Micro Device through Transfer Technology  PlayNitride- Applies for Patents on PixeLED and Transfer Technology  PlayNitride- Specializes in LED Chip and Transfer Technologies  Mikro Mesa- Minimum Size of Chip is 3μm with Vertical LED Chip Structure  Mikro Mesa- Film Transfer Patent  Ostendo Technology Inc. USA- Qantum Photonic Imager For Holographic Displays  Ostendo Technology Inc. USA- QPI Patent Allows to Achieve RGB LED on Single LED Epi-wafer  Patent Analysis- Transfer & Bonding  Patent Analysis- Micro LED v.s. Substrate
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  • 2017 IR LED / IR Laser and Optical Sensor Market Report
    Membership: 2017 IR LED / IR Laser and Optical Sensor Market Report
    Infrared LED and Infrared Laser Market Overview Infrared LED Market Scale Infrared LED Market Technology IR Laser Market Technology Infrared Application Market Opportunities Market Opportunities- Security Surveillance Market Opportunities- Iris v.s. Face Recognition Market Opportunities- Pulse Oximetry Market Opportunities- Proximity Sensor Market Opportunities- Auto Focus Market Opportunities- Gaming Notebook Market Market Opportunities- Optical Touch Panel Market Opportunities- Industrial Robot Market Market Opportunities- Robot Vacuum Market Market Opportunities- Time of Flight Market Opportunities- Virtual Reality Market Market Opportunities- Automotive Application Summary Market Opportunities- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market Market Opportunities- Driver Monitoring and Warning System Market Opportunities- Occupant Detection Market Opportunities- Optical Sensor IR LED / IR Laser Major Players and Business Model Analysis Market Opportunities Product Design Manufacturer Supply Chain Market Scale Opportunity and Challenge
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  • 2017 Global Sapphire and LED Chip Market Report
    Membership: 2017 Global Sapphire and LED Chip Market Report
    Chapter I Advanced Technology in Sapphire Industry 1.1 Mainstream Sapphire Ingot Technology 1.2 Mainstream Sapphire Wafer Technology 1.3 Mainstream Pattern Sapphire Substrate Technology  PSS OEM Price Analysis Chapter II Global Sapphire Equipment 2.1 Sapphire Ingot Furnace 2.2 Overview of Sapphire Sawing, Lapping, Grinding and Polishing Machine, Chamfering Machine, Printing, and Coating Machine 2.3 PSS Equipment Chapter III Supply-Side Analysis of Global Sapphire Industry 3.1 Sapphire Ingot Manufacturer Capacity and Market Value Analysis 3.2 Sapphire Wafer Manufacturer Capacity and Market Value Analysis 3.3 Pattern Sapphire Substrate Manufacturer Capacity and Market Value Analysis 3.4 Major Sapphire Manufacturer’s Business Performance and Market Development 3.5 Sapphire Industry Development Strategies 3.6 Sapphire Substrate Industry Sufficiency- Supply and Demand Chapter IV Global Sapphire Market Price Trend Sapphire Ingot Market Price 2” Sapphire Wafer and PSS Market Price 4” Sapphire Wafer and PSS Market Price 6” Sapphire Wafer and PSS Market Price  Chapter V Sapphire Market Demand in LED Industry 5.1 LED Market Outlook and Perspective 5.2 MOCVD Installation Volume Forecast and LED Epi Wafer Market Trend 5.3 LED Chip Manufacturer Revenue Ranking and Capacity Estimates 5.4 Major LED Chip Manufacturer Profile 5.5 Chip House PSS Introduction Rate and PSS in-house Production Rate 5.6 Chip Manufacturers' Sapphire Substrate and PSS Supply Chain 5.7 Cost Analysis of Sapphire Substrate in LED Chip 5.8 Pros and Cons on Four-inch and Six-inch Wafer Production 5.9 Alternative Materials in LED Application Market Chapter VI Sapphire Market Trend in Mobile Device Industry 6.1 Sapphire Requirement in Mobile Device Applications 6.2 Major Suppliers and Supply Chain Development 6.3 Sapphire Market Perspective in Applications
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Quarterly Report
  • 2Q16 High-end Commercial Lighting and Track Light Market
    Membership: Silver+ Member
    Introduction  High end Commercial Lighting is Becoming Invisible Champion in The LED Market  Advancing Light Quality Will Become Inevitable in The Future  Light Quality Supply Chain  Light Quality v.s. Product Luminous Efficacy in Different Region  Commercial Lighting Requirements  Main Differences Between IES TM-30-15 IES and CIE  LED Package Products Used in High Quality Commercial Lighting LED Lighting Market Scal  2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Scale- Downlight, PAR and Rse  2016-2020 Global LED Lighting Market Volume in 2016- Downlight, PAR and RS  Lighting LED Color Temperature Distribution Trend  COB Penetration Rate in High-end Commercial Lighting  CRI Trend in High-end Lighting Market Track Light Product Specification and Price  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Europe  European Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in the U.S.  U.S. Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in Japan  Japanese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products  Spotlight and Wall Lamp in China  Chinese Lighting Manufacturers Track Lighting Products Major 12 Player Strategies L+B 2016 Show Overview  Smart Lighting Has Been The Main Focus at This Year’s Show  Lighting Brands Changing Market Promotion Strategies Advanced LED Technologies  Challenging LED’s Maximum Luminous Efficiency  Samsung Announces GaN-on-Si CSP LED Mass Production Time Table  Challenges for Traditional COB LED  Manufacturers Refuse to Compromise on Light Quality  Manufacturers Gradually Paying Attention to Flicker Issues in LED Lights  Aside from Lighting, Biosensor Technology Is to Become New Emerging Market for LEDs  LED Filaments Are Widely Used in Omnidirectional Luminaire  Bendable Filament Bulbs Received Positive Market Feedback Smart Lighting  Manufacturers Are Integrating Different Communication Protocols into Their Smart Lighting Products  Osram Introduces LUXeye To The Market  EnOcean, An Wireless Energy Harvesting Technology from Osram  Indoor Positioning Systems and Data Collection  IOT Lighting Eco System OLED Lighting Progress  OLED Enters High-end Decorative Lighting  LG Display- Bendable OLED Luminaires  LG Display- Improving OLED Panel’s Yield Rate and Reduction of Costs  Sumitomo Chemical  OLEDWorks  OLED Luminous Efficacy Has Improved  Cost of OLEDs Saw Rapid Drop  OLED Tail Lamps Showcasted in the Market  L+B 2016 Exhibition- Conclusion
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