Artificial Intelligence

1. The suppliers’ AI software and hardware technology and the application competitive strategy of the AI market.
2. AI algorithm technology evolution trend; The development of voice recognition and image identification technology; AI application (Biometrics、Autonomous car、Voice assistant、Medical care AI、Security mechanism、Smart service…etc.) market analysis.

Research Report
  • HD Maps - Opportunities and Challenges
    HD maps are an important component of self-driving vehicles. They are very different from the traditional navigation map when it comes to their overall production costs, manufacturing processes, and business model.
    2019-09-18 More details
  • The Integration of AI and Edge Computing: Trends and Challenges
    The combined use of AI and edge computing can be useful to the development of IoT solutions, as they can potentially resolve the problems of cloud computing. This includes issues like communication latency and bandwidth limitations. As of now, a growing number of manufacturers are already beginning to shift their attention towards the development of AI chips.
    2019-07-24 More details
  • Key Development Trends of the Health Chatbot Industry
    Chatbots can be trained to conduct dialogue through natural language processing and machine learning. They can also be used to solve basic health related needs with the help of AI technology. As the applications for smartphones are still improving and the medical service industry has become more diverse, the market for health chatbots is expected to keep growing.
    2019-06-26 More details
  • AI applications in the telecommunications industry.
    The purpose of this report is to examine the application of AI in the telecommunications industry sector. Expert systems and machine learning are the two AI techniques that have been widely used in telecommunications, while machine learning and distributed artificial intelligence are the two AI techniques which are most promising for the future...
    2019-04-17 More details