The rise of electric cars, self-driving cars and the internet of vehicles (IoV) have caused cars to be seen as the next wave of products after smartphones to be modified by revolutionary technology. Traditional car manufacturers, vehicle component manufacturers and various technology companies will be zeroing in on business opportunities in vehicle intelligentization and technologization. Major brands aren’t the only ones developing new energy vehicles—quite a few new suppliers are also investing their resources to capitalize on this market. Developments and trends are gaining traction in the automotive industry. Are you up to speed?

Global tech research institute TrendForce has combined the results of research in specialized fields conducted by DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside, EnergyTrend and Topology etc., to provide you with this Quarterly Analysis on the Global Automotive Market.

Apart from regular updates on the market scale and developmental trends in the global automotive and electric car markets, this report also discusses technological developments made in car-related components, covering analyses on automotive semiconductor and DRAM developments and solutions, comparisons of automotive panels and breakdowns of market penetration rates and demand, and market trends for automotive power cells and displays.

Global Automotive Market Decode Will Provide


Global Market Scale and the Newest Developments of Gas-Powered Cars and Electric Cars


Automotive Market Trends, New Tech and Developmental Progress


Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses and Developmental Trends of Critical Car Components


Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses and Developmental Trends of Car Safety, Power and Driver Information Systems


Automotive Semiconductor Market Development and Trend Analysis


Functional Comparison and Market Demand Trend Analysis of Automotive Displays and Touch Screens

Global Automotive Market Decode Covers


Major car brands


Suppliers in car-related supply chains


Suppliers interested in joining the emerging car market


Investors and financial institutions active in the car market

Global Automotive Market Decode Can Help You

Obtain comprehensive, up-to-date information on the market

Information on market movements and component and tech trends in the automotive industry, all gathered here and updated regularly

Make the Right Decisions—A Business's Best Friend

Combines the insights of experts from various fields to provide key qualitative and quantitative analyses into the market, helping businesses make the right decisions

Save on Intel Gathering

Helps businesses save large amounts of time and labor on gathering market intel


  • Name:Global Automotive Market Decode
  • Format:PDF (for market analyses)
  • Update Frequency:Quarterly
  • Language:Traditional Chinese, English
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