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Press Releases
As China Steps up Pace of Mini/Micro LED Commercialization, Total Project Investment Reaches ¥39.1 Billion, Says TrendForce



TrendForce’s latest LED Industry Demand and Supply Data Base finds that, by 2024, the global Mini/Micro LED market is projected to reach US$42 billion in revenue The positive outlook of the Mini/Micro LED industry has attracted many investors Since 2019, total investments in Mini/Micro LED-related projects in China have reached ¥391 billion (RMB), with more than 14 newly added projects, according to TrendForce’s investigations This massive influx of capital is expected to accelerate the overall pace of Mini/Micro LED commercialization TrendForce analyst Allen Yu indicates that, given the recent delays in Mini LED commercialization this year, some manufacturers are likely to push back their original plans of ramping up Mini LED TV and monitor mass production in mid-2020 On the other hand, since Micro LED is still in the R&D stage for most manufacturers, the technology has a long way to go before it is ready for commercial use Nevertheless, investors are still relatively hopeful towards the future of Mini/Micro LED For instance, LED chip and packaging suppliers, such as San’an Optoelectronics, Epistar, HC Semitek, Nationstar, and Refond, as well as video wall and panel manufacturers, such as Leyard, Unilumin, TCL CSOT, and BOE, have all launched Mini/Micro LED-related projects in an effort to drive the industry forward In July 2019, San’an Optoelectronics commenced its Mini/Micro LED wafer and chip development and production project in Ezhou, Hubei This project is mostly aimed at developing new Mini/Micro LED displays and projected to involve RMB 12 billion worth of investment capital In December 2019, Leyard and Epistar jointly invested RMB 1 billion to set up a Mini/Micro LED production center in Wuxi, Jiangsu Also, in May 2020, MTC established its headquarters and its LED packaging facilities in the Qingshanhu District of Nanchang, Jiangxi MTC is expected to build 5,000 production lines for LED packaging operations, which include Mini/Micro LED packaging, with an investment totaling RMB 7 billion TrendForce believes that the participation of the above companies in Mini/Micro LED R&D will inject a corresponding influx of capital in all aspects of Mini/Micro LED technology development, including new equipment, materials, and manufacturing technologies, with these investment efforts resulting in the maturation of the related supply chain as well

Press Releases
TrendForce Says Global ASP of LED Light Bulbs Remains Stable in November, but ASP in Japan Market Drops


Energy / LED

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports that the global average sales price (ASP) of LED light bulbs was generally stable in November The global ASP of 40-watt equivalent products was US$62, a slight increase of 05% The global ASP of 60-watt equivalent products also increased slightly by 02% to US$74 Japan saw noticeable price slide while Europe experienced price growth “Some brand vendors of LED light bulbs have lowered their prices since early October for the purpose of boosting sales,” said LEDinside analyst Allen Yu “In November, the price of some products in Europe bounced back However, in Japan, the market saw obvious price decline due to the vendors’ promotions and release of new products” Prices of LED components were stable in November as suppliers deploy in automotive market The price were stable in China’s lighting LED package market in November despite of slight decline in LED chip prices The price decline has brought no noticeable influences to the industry yet But it is worth noticing that many of China’s lighting LED package suppliers tend to expand their business to the automotive lighting market For example, Honglitronic acquired Yishan and cooperated with Epistar, showing its intention to enter the automotive market Yishan’s existing OE clients include ChangFeng Leopaard, Emgrand, Geely, Zotye, etc So Honglitronic will gradually expand its business to the supply chain of China’s domestic car market Refond Optoelectronics has founded a wholly owned subsidiary, Shanghai Refond automotive lighting unit, to deploy in the market segment of automotive lighting This is also in line with the future development plan of Refond to integrate its products and resources In addition, other Chinese LED companies also deploy in the automotive market

Press Releases
Prices of LED Light Bulbs Continued to Drop in October as Vendors Wanted to Generate More Sales, Says TrendForce


LED / Energy

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports that the global ASP of LED light bulbs continued its slide in October Compared with September, the ASP of 40W equivalent LED light bulbs fell by 17% to US$62 The 60W equivalent counterparts also saw a 17% decrease in their ASP to US$74 “Some brand vendors of LED light bulbs have decided to lower their prices at the start of this fourth quarter for the purpose of boosting their sales,” said LEDinside analyst Allen Yu “Consequently, the worldwide price trend continued to move downward during October” Prices of LED components were stable in October as package suppliers introduce new products Prices were generally stable in China’s LED package market in October Compared with August and September, October was a period of recovery for the LED chip and component sections of the supply chain Inventories for chip suppliers rose, but this was within the normal range and prices remained steady The package market in turn did not experience noticeable price fluctuations Also, some package suppliers have released new products in October In the mid-power segment, Lumileds launched the LUXEON Stylist Series for lighting in fashion retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants The FreshFocus Technology, which is featured in 2835 and 3014 LEDs of the LUXEON Styles Series, offers wider color gamut and better light quality In the high-power segment, Honglitronic has recently unveiled more advanced solutions under the AT Series, such as AT50 and AT70 According to Honglitronic, the AT Series has an anti-vulcanization technology that increases the reliability and lifespan of LEDs Other major international LED suppliers including CREE and SSC have also released new products that seek to achieve greater brightness, more compact form and higher color rendering index

Press Releases
Prices of LED Light Bulbs Were on Decline in September as New Low-Price Products Arrived in the U.S. and Europe, Says TrendForce


Energy / LED

Prices of LED lightbulbs remained on the downtrend in September, reports LEDinside, a division of TrendForce Compared with the prior month, the global average sales price (ASP) of 40-watt equivalent LED light bulbs fell by 21% to US$63, while the global ASP of the 60-watt equivalent products also dropped by 23% to US$75 “Prices of LED light bulbs continued to fall in the US, the UK and Japan this September,” said LEDinside analyst Allen Yu “Japan again saw a more significant decline Meanwhile, prices were generally stable in China, Germany, South Korea and Taiwan” Prices of LED packages in the Chinese market anticipated to fall this fourth quarter due to rising inventories Prices of LED packages in China remained stable this September On the whole, demand in the market has become weaker, and LED chip suppliers have taken on additional capacity However, chip and package suppliers’ inventories were relatively low during the first half of 2017 While the slowing of demand have led to a build-up of inventories, package prices have not been significantly affected If the demand still cannot keep pace with the supply increases of chips and packages in the fourth quarter, then chip and package suppliers in China will lower their prices to control their inventory levels

Press Releases
Price Trend of LED Light Bulbs Showed Just a Slight Dip in August as Popularity of LED Filament Bulbs Has Spread to Asia, TrendForce Reports


Energy / LED

Prices of LED light bulbs showed a slight decline this August, according to the latest reporting from LEDinside, a division of TrendForce Compared with July, the global ASP of 40-watt equivalent LED light bulbs fell by 11% to US$64, while the global ASP of 60-watt equivalent LED light bulbs dropped by 15% to US$77 LEDinside analyst Allen Yu pointed out that Japan witnessed a larger price decline as the promotional pricing of new products including LED filament bulbs helped pull down prices of the more established products in that regional market “Not only are the LED filament bulbs well-received in Europe and the US, they are gradually gaining tractions in Asian markets as well,” noted Yu Prices of LED light bulbs were relatively stable in the US, the UK and Europe The price decline, however, was a bit more pronounced in Germany Outside Japan, prices also remained steady in other Asian markets Prices in China’s LED package market were on a stable trend in August The latter half of August was the start of the traditional off season in the lighting market Due to cooling demand, lighting LED suppliers also saw a lowering of their capacity utilization rates Nonetheless, prices of LED packages in China held steady in August as the seasonal headwinds did not have a noticeable effect on them Prices of 3030 and 2835 LEDs were generally on the same level in August as they were in July

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