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Press Releases
Key Excerpts for TrendForce’s “Compuforum 2022: Diverse Market Opportunities Generated by Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems” Online Seminar



TrendForce is hosting the online seminar “Compuforum 2022: Diverse Market Opportunities Generated by Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems” on the 15th this month, where analysts of the market intelligence firm are invited to delve into industrial tendencies pertaining to memory, server, and data center New Cloud Era Sculpted by Global Hyperscale Establishment Regarding the establishment of global hyperscale data centers, the alterations of industrial structure and the sizable improvement in server computing units have yielded a development in server architectures that is contrasting to traditional application services, and further propelled server demand for the industry Among which, the attainment of data centers has become the major drive for DRAM demand in recent years, occupying more than 30% of annual consumption over the DRAM market TrendForce estimates the overall server DRAM wafer starts to arrive at a record high ratio in 2025 at around 40%, and replace mobile DRAM as the spotlight for suppliers then DDR5 Benefitting AI Applications alongside Next-Gen Memory Products upon Availability in 2H22 Existing memory solutions, regardless of DRAM or NAND Flash, have succumbed to the physical constrains of continuously shrinking processes, meaning that it is now even more difficult in constantly improving performance and optimizing cost DDR5 that will be introduced to the market during 2H22 will not only offer a faster data transmission, but also serves as a more convenience option for the computing architecture of AI and DL (Deep Learning) In addition, the market is seeing emergence of new memory variations, such as HBM, that are conforming to the computing requirements of HPC and AI Traditional server architectures, upon entering the AI era, are no longer able to fulfill computing demand, and are thus incorporated with accelerators in order to improve computing performance, where CXL can even optimize the interconnection between CPUs and accelerators TrendForce believes that the integration of DDR5, HBM, accelerators, and CXL should dismantle the hardware bottlenecks necessary to AI computing, and further stimulate a new wave of server growth NAND PCIe to Elevate New Values of Data Centers from the Help of Intergenerational Computing Storage application from the server field will become the major consumption of NAND Flash in the future, with Samsung, Solidigm, and Micron being the three prominent suppliers, and the interface will focus on EDSFF (E1S/L) in the hope of obtaining better transmission utilization that would further optimize AI and DL applications TrendForce also noticed that the QLC architecture is becoming increasingly popular owing to its effectiveness in lowering the cost unit capacity, which allows consumers to enjoy faster transmission speed with a price tag that is close to traditional HDD However, the particular architecture is not necessarily flawless as it evidently trails behind the current mainstream TLC architecture pertaining to durability, and that is the reason why DRAM and NAND will eventually establish related solutions, such as products adopted with the CXL interface, so as to achieve a balance between performance and cost In the long term, the development of storage technology will derive multiple products in order to adapt to performance or cost-oriented requirements, which at the same time erode the survival space of traditional HDD Demand for Global IT Asset Disposition Emerges amidst Explosive Growth in Servers The continuous progress in digital transformation among businesses, coupling with how the consumer market is now even more dependent on e-commerce and online streaming services, have further expedited the construction of global data centers The cloud computing field, due to the unabated climbing demand for AI model training, has ramped up the computability of server chips, as well as accelerated the iteration of computing platforms, where a large volume of server equipment, adopted with the previous generation computing technology, that is installed in partial institutions or CSPs with intensive data, must now be phased out, which stems out the demand for IT asset disposition (ITAD) TrendForce commented that ITRenew, Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS), and TES are the current leaders in the global ITAD market SLS has been minimizing the area of ITAD storage facilities, expanding the cooperative network with local contractors such as waste recyclers, and lowering the maintenance cost of facilities in recent years, and turned to investing additional resources into the on-site packing services of data centers, as well as improving the flexible dispatching of resources ITRenew and TES were respectively acquired or partially acquired by information security service leaders Iron Mountain and South Korea-based SK Group during 1Q22 and 2Q22, where the ITRenew and Iron Mountain alliance will continue to provide integrated services of “software and hardware assimilation” for the ITAD market, while SK, relying on its strong capital foundation, will penetrate into the ITAD market by taking advantages of TES’ global distribution bases, where the two are anticipating that data center businesses would become robust growth dynamics for the ITAD market in the future The “Compuforum 2022: Diverse Market Opportunities Generated by Applications of Cyber-Physical Systems” online seminar (English session only) will be available for viewing on the website of TrendForce on June 15th (Wed) TrendForce analysts Mark Liu, Bryan Ao, Caron Ju, and Alex Chen are invited to delve into various trends such as memory, server, and data center at this seminar

Press Releases
Taiwanese IPC Revenue for 1H21 Reaches NT$115.1 Billion Thanks to Global 5G Rollout and Transport Infrastructure Demand, Says TrendForce


Consumer Electronics

As the Taiwanese IPC (industrial PC) market suffered from deferred orders due to supply chain and logistical disruptions that took place in 1H20, total domestic IPC revenue for 1H20 reached NT$1054 billion, a 47% YoY decrease, according to TrendForce’s latest investigations However, given that the pandemic was gradually brought under control in 1H21, the market was able to benefit from strong demand from China’s 5G infrastructure rollout, as well as from expanded investments by Europe and the US in public infrastructures such as roads and railways aimed at facilitating an economic recovery Hence, Taiwan’s IPC revenue for 1H21 reached NT$1151 billion, a 92% YoY increase Regarding the financial performances of the top 10 IPC suppliers in Taiwan for 1H21, Ennoconn secured first place with a revenue of NT$4295 billion, a 167% YoY increase After its acquisition spree that began in 2010, Ennoconn is currently attempting to integrate its various subsidiaries’ technologies and resources in order to make headways in certain emerging technologies, including industrial automation, machine vision, HMI, and cloud services Going forward, Ennoconn will cultivate its presence in the EV, smart healthcare, and smart retail sectors For 1H21, runner-up Advantech posted a revenue of NT$2737 billion, an 82% YoY increase While Advantech previously favored an acquisition-driven strategy, the company is now expanding into the smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, and smart city sectors primarily through technological partnerships and equity investments Backed by its WISE-PaaS platform, Advantech continues to expand into the global markets by investing in overseas ISV (independent software vendors) and SI (systems integrators) in the aforementioned sectors DFI earned a third-place ranking in 1H21 with a revenue of NT$528 billion, a 252% YoY increase After becoming part of the Qisda fleet in 2017, DFI subsequently went on to acquire telecom and information security solutions supplier AEWIN as well as industrial automation vendor Ace Pillar in 2019 These activities culminated in an annual revenue of NT$835 billion, an 188% YoY increase, for DFI in 2020 DFI currently specializes in smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, and intelligent transportation systems/infrastructures AI accelerator suppliers and IPC suppliers work in tandem to clearly define the AI value chain IPC products have been widely used in AIoT and IIoT applications in recent years due to the proliferation of edge computing As such, these products have also become the key determinant of how rapidly industries can adopt AI technologies such as machine vision At the same time, IPC suppliers’ unique position in the mid-stream AI value chain means they are responsible for bridging the gap between upstream AI accelerator suppliers (including Intel, AMD, and Nvidia) and downstream ISV/SI With regards to the upstream AI value chain, Intel and AMD acquired independent FPGA suppliers Altera and Xilinx, respectively, in order to achieve more comprehensive heterogeneous computing competencies via horizontal integration On the other hand, midstream IPC suppliers have been vertically integrating with downstream ISV/SI either independently or collectively through JVs, technological collaborations, strategic alliances, or M&A For instance, Advantech and ADLINK are now operating on multi-strategy models as well as strategic collaboration models respectively, while Ennoconn and DFI are operating on M&A-oriented models On the whole, TrendForce expects that, as AI accelerator suppliers and IPC suppliers push integration forward in the AI value chain, not only will an increasing number of IPC products based on heterogeneous computing platforms be released to market, but emerging AI technologies such as machine vision will also see increased penetration in industrial automation applications Hence, TrendForce expects annual machine vision revenue to reach US$86 billion in 2025 For additional insights from TrendForce analysts on the latest tech industry news, trends, and forecasts, please visit our blog at https://insidertrendforcecom/

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