TrendForce's memory and storage division publishes global SSD prices bimonthly, covering SSD products from major manufacturers in North America, Japan, and Europe. We also provide SSD market consultation services, for both PC and non-PC markets, forecasting SSD density and shipment volume as well as price, penetration rate, etc. for non-PC products such as servers, DOM, mobile network devices, etc.

Research Report
  • Enterprise SSD Contract Price 3Q19
    Membership: Enterprise SSD Contract Price
    Coming into 3Q19, TrendForce finds that procurement orders for Enterprise SSDs coming from the server/data center market have...
    2019-07-29 More details
  • 1Q20 SSD Datasheet
    Membership: SSD Datasheet
    SSD Datasheet provides you with latest SSD density and shipment forecast in PC, server, disk on module and MID market.
    2020-02-24 More details
  • 1Q20 Enterprise SSD Datasheet
    Membership: Enterprise SSD Datasheet
    Enterprise SSD Datasheet provides you with the latest SSD density and shipment forecast for server equipment and data centers. Also, enterprise SSD interface, form factor breakdown, and read / mixed read / write load / write intensify Enterprise SSD breakdown.
    2020-02-24 More details