TrendForce 2020 Global LED Lighting Market Outlook- Light LED and LED Lighting Market Trend-1H20(PDF)

  • Membership : 2020 Global Lighting LED and LED Lighting Market Outlook
  • Update : 2020-02-15
  • Update Frequency : Biannual
  • Format : PDF

Lighting LED Market Global Lighting Market Trend Regional Lighting Market Trend and Regulation High Growth LED Lighting Market Smart Lighting Market Trend Lighting Product and LED Market Requirements Lighting Manufacturer Revenue Ranking The Impact of US-China Trade Conflict on the Lighting Industry

Roger Chu
Research Vice President
Research Field: LED, Micro LED, Lighting and Backlighting, etc.
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: LED Chip and Package Market, UV LED, Infrared (LED, VCSEL), Projection and Video Wall Market Trends
Figo Wang
Chief Research Analyst/Research Director
Research Field: China's LED chip, packaging, lighting and display market trends
Vita Wang
Research Analyst
Research Field: Global LED display and commercial display market, LED lighting market, industry policies and standards analysis
Allen Yu
Senior Research Analyst
Research Field: China's LED chip, packaging and related industries, including sapphire, brackets, equipment, phosphors, etc., UV, IR and other fields
Christine Liu
Assistant Analyst
Research Field: Global prices of LED chip, lamps and luminaires; smart lighting market trends; industry policies and standards analysis