China’s Memory Production Continues as Usual Despite Epidemic; TrendForce Maintains Forecast of Minor Rise in Contract Prices for 1Q20

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  • Update : 2020-02-07
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The situation in the global DRAM and NAND Flash markets have remained mostly the same since we at TrendForce released a preliminary assessment on the impact of China’s coronavirus outbreak...

Ken Kuo
Research Vice President
Research Field: DRAM, Server DIMM, Consumer DRAM
Avril Wu
Senior Research Director
Research Field: DRAM Supply Chain & Related End Markets (PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM and Smartphones)
Alan Chen
Research Director
Research Field: NAND Flash, SSD, NAND Flash Controller, UFD, Memory Card
Mia Huang
Research Manager
Research Field: Mobile DRAM, Smartphone
Ray Hsieh
Senior Analyst
Research Field: DRAM Supply Chain (PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Consumer DRAM)
Mark Liu
Senior Analyst
Research Field: Datacenter, Server DRAM, Server CPU & Related Server Supply Chain
Ben Yeh
Research Field: NAND Flash and eMMC
Bryan Ao
Research Field: Enterprise SSDs, NAND Flash Market