Lithium Battery Market Dynamics - Materials Cell and Application Requirement- 2Q19

  • Membership : Lithium Battery Market Dynamics - Materials Cell and Application Requirement
  • Update : 2019-07-05
  • Update Frequency : Quarterly
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IT Battery Trend Polymer Battery Price Is Expected to Drop in 3Q19 China Has Become the Main Supplier of IT Batteries Battery Industry Relocation Costs Are High Emerging Countries Are More Demanding on Battery Price Battery Cell Supply Chain Does Not Change Due to Trade War New Energy Vehicle Market US-China Trade War Leads to the Approach to Integration Stage HEV Penetration Rate Is Not Affected by Decrease in Overall Car Demand Both BEV and HEV Are the Targets of Promotion Establishment of Environment and Sensor will Gradually Implement the Forecast of Power Consumption Flexible Electricity Price can Affect Charging Habits and Create New Business Models HEV System Architecture and Market Different Types of Comparison for Mild Hybrid Distinguish Hybrid Type through Motor Position P0/PHEV Market Share will Rise Rapidly Fuel Efficiency Increases with Battery Capacity and Motor Power HEV Market Gradually Develops toward PHEV 48V System Starts to Boost Lithium-ion Battery Demand HEV High Power Output Is Beneficial to Lithium-ion Battery Price and Lifespan Demand of HEV Battery Is More Conducive to Lithium-ion Battery PHEV Battery Demand Is Higher than HEV in 2019

Duff Lu.
Senior Research Manager
Research Field: Lithium Battery, Electric Vehicle