4Q18 Micro LED Next-Generation Display Technology Market Report-Micro LED TV Market and Technology Challenge Analysis

  • Membership : Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Member Report
  • Update : 2018-10-25
  • Update Frequency : Quarterly
  • Format : PDF

TV Display Specification and Trend Analysis TV Light Source Classification 2018-2023 TV Light Source Distribution 2018-2023 Self-Emission TV Market Trend Analysis TV Panel Development With High Resolution TV Panel Development With Large Size Retail Price Analysis of Various TV Sizes Future Micro LED TV Specification Development Trend Micro LED TV Technology and Challenge TV Commercialization Challenge - Technology Barrier Commercialization Challenge- Specification Improvement Resolution Limited by Different Backplane Technologies High Resolution Challenge- Drive Application Resolution Challenge-Backplane Line Width V.S Mobility Resolution Challenge-Backplane Power Consumption V.S Mobility Miniaturization To Reach High Resolution and High PPI Micro LED Module Splicing Technology Makes Large-Sized TV Large-Sized TV Challenge- Glass Backplane V.S PCB Backplane Large-Sized TV Challenge- Limit of Production Process Large-Sized TV Challenge- Warpage of PCB Backplane PCB Technology Challenge Analysis For Micro LED Display Large-Sized TV Challenge- Image Difference of Stitching Technology Large-Sized TV Challenge- Image Stitching Solution Mass Transfer Technologies in Response to Chip Miniaturization Micro LED TV Product Application Specification Comparison on Transfer Technology Used for Micro LED TV Comparison on UPH of Transfer Technologies Analysis Transfer Technologies of Varied Micro LED TV Specification Challenges Facing Micro LED TV – Full Color Technology Categories Challenge Facing Micro LED TV – QD Color Conversion Technology Challenge Facing Micro LED TV – RGB Chip Colorization Technology Micro LED TV Full Color Technology Trend Analysis Challenge Factors Analysis on TV Products Micro LED TV Cost and Selling Price Analysis Challenges on Micro LED in Automotive Display Products

Roger Chu
Research Director
Research Field: LED, Micro LED, Lighting and Backlighting, etc.
Simon Yang
Assistant Research Manager
Research Field: LED Applications, PCB Technologies
Max Chen
Research Field: BLU and Micro-LED
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: LED Chip and Package Market, UV LED, Infrared (LED, VCSEL), Projection and Video Wall Market Trends