Battery Silver Member Report- 2Q18

  • Membership : Lithium Battery Market Dynamics - Materials Cell and Application Requirement
  • Update : 2018-06-15
  • Update Frequency : Quarterly
  • Format : PDF

IT Application Battery cell price will increase rapidly in 3Q18 Chinese battery cell will lead to the increase the market share of polymer battery Cylindrical and prismatic batteries will eventually become marginalized Resistor price will start to increase in 3Q18 Power Application Toyota will raise the rate of EV vehicles Chinese power battery market development (new energy vehicle and energy storage) Cathode Material Market High voltage and high nickel will be two mainstreams of high energy density China will focus on high voltage materials in short term High nickel system reduces cost but increases safety risk Cobalt will be hard to depart from seller’s quotation mechanism in the short term Rigid demand will prompt China to expand lithium material development

Duff Lu.
Senior Research Manager
Research Field: Lithium Battery, Electric Vehicle
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: LED Chip and Package Market, UV LED, Infrared (LED, VCSEL), Projection and Video Wall Market Trends