1Q17 Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Member Report

  • Membership : Micro LED Next Generation Display Industry Member Report
  • Update : 2017-01-13
  • Update Frequency : Quarterly
  • Format : PDF

What is Micro LED?  Definition of Micro LED Display  Micro LED Display Manufacturing Process  LED Display Applications- Backlight and Pixel Light  LED Larger than Pixel-Backlight  Pixel Larger than LED-Micro LED  Combination of High Density Circuit and High Density Light Source  Future of Display Technology To Enter the Era of Self-Emitting  LCD v.s. OLED v.s. Micro LED Analysis  Micro LED to Open Up New Frontier of Display Technology Micro LED Key Technology Development Map and Analysis  Micro LED Key Technology Development Map  Epi Wafer and Chip Technology  Transfer Technology  Transfer Technology- Pick Up  Transfer Technology- Selectivity  Transfer Technology- Placement  Color Conversion Micro LED Value Chain and Transfer Manufacturer Analysis  Micro LED Value Chain- Micro LED / QD Phosphor / Transfer / Panel / Driver IC  Major Micro LED Supply Chain and the Focus of Patent Layout  Definition on Patent Classification  LuxVue- Electrostatic Adsorption Transfer Yet to Be a Perfect Solution  LuxVue- Patent Strengthens the Stability of Arrays of Micro Devices  X-Celeprint- Focuses on Transfer Technology, Followed By Display Technology  X-Celeprint- Problems in μTP Transfer Shall Be Settled One by One  X-Celeprint- Active v.s. Passive Matrix Technology Products Planning  Sony- Constantly Develops Micro LED Technology  Sony- Selects Specified Devices for Transfer through Laser Ablation Technology  ITRI- Actively Develops Transfer, Adopting Active Matrix Technology  ITRI- Pick up 1μm-100μm Micro Device through Transfer Technology  PlayNitride- Applies for Patents on PixeLED and Transfer Technology  PlayNitride- Specializes in LED Chip and Transfer Technologies  Mikro Mesa- Minimum Size of Chip is 3μm with Vertical LED Chip Structure  Mikro Mesa- Film Transfer Patent  Ostendo Technology Inc. USA- Qantum Photonic Imager For Holographic Displays  Ostendo Technology Inc. USA- QPI Patent Allows to Achieve RGB LED on Single LED Epi-wafer  Patent Analysis- Transfer & Bonding  Patent Analysis- Micro LED v.s. Substrate

Roger Chu
Research Director
Research Field: LED Industry
Joanne Wu
Research Manager
Research Field: Sapphire, LED Chip, LED Package, LED Lighting, UV LED, Infrared LED, and Flip Chip Markets and Technology Trend