Battery Market in IT and EV Applications-Data Base-3Q15

  • Membership : Lithium Battery Market Dynamics - Materials Cell and Application Requirement
  • Update : 2015-10-19
  • Update Frequency : Quarterly
  • Format : EXCEL

1-1 Battery Cell Price Trend Cylindrical Lithium Battery Cell Price Polymer Lithium Battery Cell Price Prismatic Lithium Battery Cell Price 1-2 NB and Tablet Shipment 1-3 Battery Cell Supply 1-4 Battery Cell Demand 1-5 Battery Capa. Sufficiency 2-1 Total Solar Storage Demand A. On-Grid B. Off-Grid 2-1 Solar On-Grid Storage Demand A. Home B. Enterprise C. Industry 2-2 Solar Off-Grid Storage Demand A. Home B. Commercial 3-1 xEV Supply & Demand

Duff Lu
Senior Research Manager
Research Field: Lithium Battery, Electric Vehicle