Automotive Technology

Topology Research Institute also provides analysis on new energy vehicles and automotive electronics. The main research areas include global trends in new energy vehicles, automotive electronics and their components, new energy vehicle manufacturers and business strategies, infrastructure and model operations, driverless technology, ADAS technology and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

Research Report
  • Auto Industry Review And Outlook, 2019-2020
    The sales decline suffered by the auto industry in 2019 has been its largest in recent years. Although the overall sales decline will still continue in 2020, it is not expected to have a major impact on the industry’s technological developments. In 2020, many automakers will still heavily invest in emerging technologies like electric vehicles and autonomous driving.
    2019-12-04 More details
  • Electrification Strategies of Established Automotive Brands
    Major car makers are under pressure to step up their vehicle electrification efforts as their main markets around the world will begin implementing new and stricter carbon emission standards from 2020 onward. This report analyzes the strategies and roadmaps of established automotive brands concerning the development of electric and hybrid offerings.
    2019-11-06 More details
  • HD Maps - Opportunities and Challenges
    HD maps are an important component of self-driving vehicles. They are very different from the traditional navigation map when it comes to their overall production costs, manufacturing processes, and business model.
    2019-09-18 More details
  • How the Global Auto Market Is Changing Amid the US-China Trade War
    The decision by the US and China to add large- scale tariffs on products like cars and car parts will have a major impact on the sales, prices, production origins, and profitability of the entire global auto industry. At present, the auto industry is still heavily reliant on the global supply chain.
    2019-08-07 More details
  • Development and Challenges of Connected Car
    Despite the improved driving experience offered by connected cars, the safety features of V2X applications will not be ready until 5G technology becomes mainstream. In the future, the development of V2X will also be impacted by various government policies.
    2019-04-10 More details