Topology Research Institute also conducts researches on virtual reality and augmented reality, including human-machine interaction, and physical signal sensors. With its in-depth analyses of leading companies, their rivals, and new markets, the institute also provides forecasts on future trends.

Research Report
  • Developments in Mobile AR in Relation to Advances in 3D Sensing
    The range of mobile AR applications remains fairly limited so far, and smartphone makers equip their devices with 3D sensing modules mainly to get an edge in the hardware competition. However, as the number of SDKs for developing AR apps continues to grow, smartphone makers are starting to add related features such as the AR navigation option for map apps. Also, the adoption of ToF modules is steadily rising for new smartphone models. This, in turn, will kindle the demand for 3D sensing technologies and more AR applications.
    2019-11-27 More details
  • Waveguide as a Key Growth Driver of AR Market
    The AR market is starting to see an influx of new products due to the steady uptick of interest in the related applications. Recently, waveguide has emerged as an innovative approach to improve the design and performance of AR glasses. However, the integration of waveguide components in AR devices is still beset by challenges in the short term. Overcoming this bottleneck could lead to further market growth.
    2019-07-17 More details
  • The Outlook for Micro OLED in the Age of AR/VR
    To boost demand, more and more manufacturers will begin to experiment with advanced displays for their AR/VR products. As Micro OLED offers better resolution and video, it could have a positive impact on the entire AR/VR market.
    2019-06-05 More details
  • Social VR Strategies of Technology Brands
    This report examines strategies of branded vendors in the VR market. Besides expanding and maintaining device shipment shares via competitive pricing, vendors are also creating social VR platforms and non-gaming content with web VR technologies that help lower the barrier for content development.
    2019-03-20 More details