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Trade-off between Profitability and Inventory Clearance Becomes the Biggest Challenge for Solar Cell Manufacturers

27 July 2011

According to the latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, manufacturers indicated that they are conservative about September orders and the PV market of 3Q11. On the other hand, the spot price of polysilicon remained at a high level. The Chinese market demand still stayed high, while other markets showed signs of slowing.

PV Prices Continue to Go up, but Momentum Slows

21 July 2011

According to the latest price survey conducted by EnergyTrend, the polysilicon spot price continues to increase, and current trading price has stayed between $52/kg and $54/kg. Notably, the trading price in the Chinese market is slightly higher than other markets ranging from $55/kg to $58/kg.

Due to Increasing Demand in Mainland China, Polysilicon Price Continues to Rise

13 July 2011

According to EnergyTrend’s latest survey, polysilicon spot price trend remains going upward. Currently, the main trading price is between $53/kg and $55/kg. Manufacturers indicated that the polysilicon spot price has shown a strong increase, primarily due to the rising Chinese market demand.

Polysilicon Price Rebounds, and Si Wafer Price Increase Simmering

7 July 2011

According to EnergyTrend, polysilicon spot price has recovered. Although the increase is modest, the price remained above $50/kg which Manufacturers indicate is the bottom line at the current stage. On the other hand, there is a slight change in Si wafer price.

Tablet PC Releases Pushed up Polymer Battery Inventory Level, Cell Price up over 5% in 2Q11

5 July 2011

As consumer electronic products become thinner and lighter, the importance of polymer battery has also become the focus in 2011.

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