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EnergyTrend: Increasing Pressure from Downstream to Lower Price, Polysilicon Price Unstable

31 August 2011

According to EnergyTrend, a research division of TrendForce, polysilicon price is beginning to show signs of relaxation, with some manufacturers already quoting prices lower than US$50/kg.

EnergyTrend: Declining PV Price and Profit Margin May Trigger Solar Industry Meltdown in U.S. and Europe

24 August 2011

The latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, the green energy industry research division of TrendForce, indicates that while spot prices for polysilicon and Si wafer have remained at $50/kg and $2/piece, the polysilicon and Si wafer manufacturers have been experiencing price pressure from downstream makers.

EnergyTrend: Demand for High Conversion Efficiency Solar Product Remains while Recent Price Trends are Polarized

17 August 2011

According to the latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend, Chinese PV manufacturers are taking a conservative about the market outlook. As a result, the polysilicon price continues to experience downward pressure, while the bottom line of its price quotation remains at $50/kg.

Production capacity advances in China and Korea triggered price decrease

11 August 2011

According to the Energy Trend’s latest survey, polysilicon spot price has shown a significant decrease. However, the polysilicon price quotation remained at $50/kg, and trading prices ranged between $51/kg and $53/kg. Following last week’s downward trend, this week’s average price came to $52.55/kg, a 2.92% decrease.

European Market Sees Signs of Demand Rise; The German Incremental PV Market Installation Volume is Expected to Expand to 3.5GW in 2H11

3 August 2011

According to EnergyTrend’s latest survey, the polysilicon market spot price has shown a slight decrease. PV demand remained strong in China, while a downtrend has occurred in other areas. Downstream manufacturers not only have to deal with rush orders, but also take inventory management into consideration.

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