Mobile Package

Mobile Package = Mobile Contract Price + Mobile Datasheet

  • Mobile Contract Price Update
    Mobile DRAM(ex: LPDDR1, LPDDR2, MCP, e-MCP, CI-MCP…) Quarterly Update
    eMMC Quarterly Update

  • Mobile Datasheet
    Mobile DRAM and Mobile NAND Flash latest market supply/demand update

Mobile DRAM

Research Scope

DRAM Worldwide Supply Update

  • DRAM Makers' DRAM Revenue & Mobile DRAM Revenue
  • DRAM Makers Quarterly Mobile DRAM Revenue Ranking
  • Mobile DRAM Quarterly Product Mix on Output
  • Mobile DRAM Quarterly Output Shipment
  • Mobile DRAM Output by Product (Package)
  • Mobile DRAM Output by Product (Generation)
  • Mobile DRAM Output by Product (Density)
  • Mobile DRAM Technology Breakdown by Company
  • Ultralike Consumptions of Mobile DRAM

DRAM Worldwide Demand Update

  • Mobile DRAM Demand - Application Shipment
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - Application Content
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - WW Smartphone Shipment
  • Mobile DRAM Demand - China Smartphone Shipment

DRAM Market Forecast

  • Mobile DRAM Price Forecast

DRAM Supply v.s. Demand Sufficiency Analysis

  • Worldwide Mobile DRAM Market Supply/Demand Analysis & Forecast

Mobile NAND Flash

Research Scope

eMMC Market Status

  • eMMC Market Revenue Review and Forecast
  • eMMC Average Selling Price
  • eMMC Shipment

eMMC Application

  • eMMC Consumption by Application
  • eMMC Consumption by Density
  • Smartphone in eMMC
  • Smartphone in eMMC
  • E-Reader in eMMC