Customized Events

Service Introduction

TrendForce is a leading research company with years of experiences in organizing large international industry seminars. We offer customized event services and marketing strategies to cater to the specific needs of our customers, and to help them increase their sales, strengthen their market position and make inroads into their target markets.
Customized Event Benefits:
  • Have face-to-face communications with target audience
  • Build business alliance and expand sales channels
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote products and technologies
  • Expand social network and grasp the latest market development

Target Audience

Customized seminar(Taiwan and China)

Time TrendForce Asia’s leading research institute


  • Press Invitation
  • One email blast to TrendForce and Topology members
  • Seminar website set up on Accupass (Visual design not included)
  • Target clients promotion
  • One month banner ad on TrendForce website


  • Standard meeting room (50-100 people) rental included. *extra fee required for hotel meeting rooms.
  • Equipment including: projector, display, microphone, laptop and laser pointer
  • Decoration including: podium logo, agenda, and poster
  • TrendForce Analyst presentation 30-40 minutes
  • Event staff (MC & Host not included)


  • Post report
  • Seminar attendee list

※TrendForce have released a brand new program known as online seminar as part of our efforts to expand our service offerings to our clients since 2016.

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