TrendForce - Market report, price trend and B2B platform of DRAM, NAND Flash, LEDs, TFT-LCD and green energy, PVhttp://www.trendforce.comenTotal NAND Flash Revenue Rose by Just 4.4% QoQ in 3Q18 Due to Below-Expected Demand Growth, Says TrendForce, a division of TrendForce, reports that the bit output from the NAND Flash industry increased steadily in 3Q18, as suppliers raised the yields of their 64/72-layer 3D NAND production. NAND Flash demand, however, had yet to catch up with supply despite the year-end busy season. The shortage of Intel CPUs and the lower-than-expected sales of new iPhone devices have respectively stifled the demand growths related to notebook PCs and smartphones. Also, the US-China trade dispute has been a negative influence on the whole market. Because the NAND Flash market had been in oversupply since the start of 2018, contract prices of NAND Flash products in 3Q18 registered significant declines from the previous quarter, and the average price drop was 10-15%.SemiconductorsMon, 19 Nov 2018 06:01:00 +00003180 at http://www.trendforce.comGlobal DRAM Revenue to Reach a New Record in 3Q18, but Manufacturers’ Profitability May Approach Its Peak, Says TrendForce total revenue of the global DRAM industry grew by 9% QoQ, and again hit a new record high in 3Q18, reports DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. The survey of the price trends in the third quarter shows that contract prices in the mainstream application segments (i.e. PC, server, and mobile) maintained QoQ increases of 0-2%. Particularly, the contract price of mainstream DDR3 consumer DRAM was the first to drop during the quarter because of the weakening demand. Also, contract prices of graphics DRAM products fell by around 3% QoQ due to the sharp drop in the demand related to cryptocurrency mining as well as the higher base of the previous quarter.SemiconductorsThu, 15 Nov 2018 06:30:00 +00003179 at http://www.trendforce.comOctober Contract Prices for NAND Flash Chips/Wafers Witnessed Continued Price Drop due to Weak Demand Outlook for End Markets, Says TrendForce NAND Flash market has remained in oversupply for the whole year of 2018, according to DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce, with sufficient inventories for notebook/smartphone OEMs. The China-US trade war and the shortage of Intel CPU have made situations worse on the supply side. In October, the contract prices of SSD, and eMMC/UFS witnessed continued fall, while the price drop of NAND Flash chips and wafers appeared to be larger.SemiconductorsTue, 06 Nov 2018 06:01:00 +00003174 at http://www.trendforce.comContract Prices Have Started to Drop in PC DRAM Market This October and 4GB Modules Are Just Above the US$30 Threshold, Says TrendForce prices of PC DRAM products have started to turn downward sharply this October as major suppliers have completed most contract negotiations, reports DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. The average price of 4GB PC DRAM modules for 4Q18 contracts has dropped by 10.14% QoQ from US$34.5 in 3Q18 to the current US$31. As for the average contract price of 8GB PC DRAM modules, it has dropped by 10.29% QoQ from US$68 in 3Q18 to the current US$61. Since the DRAM market has just entered oversupply, DRAMeXchange does not discount the possibility of further price declines in November and December. Also, the price decline of 8GB solutions will continue to surpass that of 4GB solutions because DRAM suppliers are now eager to sell off their inventory.SemiconductorsMon, 05 Nov 2018 06:18:00 +00003173 at http://www.trendforce.comTrendForce Announces the Global Ranking of Branded SSD Module Makers for 2017; Kingston, ADATA, and Tigo Took Top 3 Positions, a division of TrendForce, announces the global ranking of SSD module makers (NAND Flash manufacturers excluded) for 2017 based on the shipments of their own-branded SSD products in the channel market. Kingston, ADATA, and Tigo took the top three positions in the ranking, with market shares of 23%, 8%, and 7% respectively.SemiconductorsMon, 15 Oct 2018 06:11:00 +00003170 at http://www.trendforce.comDRAM and NAND Flash Products to See Price Decline in 4Q18 and 2019 due to Gap Between Supply and Demand, Says TrendForce to DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, DRAM products have begun to see a weak price trend, showing only a 1~2% QoQ hike in contract prices for 3Q18 due to the continued oversupply, despite the coming of holiday sales season. DRAMeXchange expects the quotations of DRAM products to decline by 5% or more QoQ in 4Q18, terminating the super cycle of price growth for nine consecutive quarters. NAND Flash experienced a price drop of around 10% in 3Q18 and expects a steeper drop of 10~15% in the fourth quarter, considering the impacts of trade war. Contract prices of 3D TLC NAND Flash chips in the channel market may even drop by more than 15% in 4Q18.SemiconductorsTue, 09 Oct 2018 05:06:00 +00003167 at http://www.trendforce.comTrendForce Announces Top 10 Trends in Information and Communication Technology Industry for 2019 this release, TrendForce provides predictions of the information and communication technology industry for 2019, focusing on 10 key themes. Some of these themes continue from last year but will show significant evolution in the upcoming year.DRAMMon, 08 Oct 2018 05:53:00 +00003166 at http://www.trendforce.comDRAM Products May Experience Steeper Price Decline of 5% QoQ in 4Q18 Due to Oversupply and Weak Demand, Says TrendForce, a division of TrendForce, reports that DRAM suppliers have been negotiating with their clients over the 4Q18 contracts towards the end of September. Looking ahead to the next quarter, DRAMeXchange expects that the quotations of DRAM products to decline by 5% QoQ, higher than the previous forecast of 1~3%. The weak quotations are mainly due to increasing bit supply yet fairly limited growth in demand, despite the coming of holiday sales season.SemiconductorsWed, 26 Sep 2018 05:59:00 +00003163 at http://www.trendforce.comShortage of Intel CPU to Impact Notebook Shipments, Causing Further Price Decline in the Memory Market, Says TrendForce has adjusted its 2018 global notebook shipments projection downwards due to the worsening shortage of Intel CPUs. Intel originally planned to begin mass production of CPUs based on its latest Whiskey Lake platform in 3Q18, when the notebook market would be in the busy sales season. However, PC-OEMs are now finding an insufficient supply of Whiskey Lake CPUs, which has disrupted vendors’ notebook shipment plans for this year’s second half. Therefore, TrendForce now estimates that this year’s total notebook shipments will drop by 0.2% YoY, and the CPU shortage may further impact the entire memory market as well.SemiconductorsTue, 11 Sep 2018 08:01:00 +00003156 at http://www.trendforce.comHuawei’s Server Shipment to China to Reach a New Record High due to Surging Demand in China, Says TrendForce to the latest report by DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce, the Chinese market has witnessed a surging demand for servers in 2018. The number of servers shipped to China will increase by 23% YoY in 2018, and account for 25.6% of the global server shipments this year, up from 21.8% in 2017. The demand grows significantly since the Chinese government has been encouraging domestic companies to adopt servers of domestic brands, together with the increasing amount of servers used for hyperscale internet data centers.SemiconductorsThu, 30 Aug 2018 06:06:00 +00003153 at